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To those who wants more than just seeing.

Letfs enjoy by creating by yourself!

Creating Experience Workshop Menu

Please click the menu you want to see

Staned glass


Bead accessories

Interior Candle


Simple Kaleidscape




Accepted time 9:00`15:00 
(Reserved customers are prior)

Experience fee is necessary besides admission.

Reserved customers are prior because of limited seats customers with large group.

Required time to make is different from each persons. Children making the first time and the customers with group please estimate more than the time limited.  

Expence fee may change without notice.

Experience Reservation Discount

For those customers reserved before the entrance date by 17:00,experience fee is reduced 200 yen.

Experience Adult and Child Discount

For parents and child who made reservation before entrance, for child using the workshop, admission is free.

g Child h applies to below 18 years of age.

Discount does not apply to non-reserved customers.

In order to make a reservation

@ Please call 0557-51-7222

A Please tell the course you wish to experience, number to persons, time and date.

B We check the open seats.

C When the seat is open, reservation is made please tell the name.

D To change or cancel please call 0557-51-7222.