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Galle and Takashima Hokkai.
Their periods
`Japanese and Western Art Nouveau

Galle and Takashima Hokkai. Their period.

Galle and Takashima Hokkai.
Their periods
`Japanese and Western Art Nouveau`

Start May 15
th 2015

Galle and Takashima Hokkai. Their period.


The two men who love nature, love the local, and love the art was there.
Period they were alive, is the turbulent times that follows from Bakumatsu to Meiji and Taisho.
In France "Japonisme" was in vogue.
Japanese art, such as kimono and Ukiyo-e
, Imari popular for lovers.
Glass, pottery, paintings, the works in which the natural theme in a variety of expressions
 which have been produced.
It will continue to develop into "Art Nouveau (new art)" style after.
We will introduce to center the work of Galle and Hokkai.
Also I'll work was made in the same generation, such as dome and Tiffany.
We will exhibit 120 works to introduce a surprising link between Japanese and Western.

Emile Galle

He was born in the ancient city of Nancy in eastern France Lorraine.
The production during his lifetime, glassware, pottery, woodworking furniture.
By his work, glass began to also be treated as a work of art as well as daily necessities.
The predominate the art style in Europe and the United States in the center of France
 at the end of the 19th century "Art Nouveau (new art)" is known as a person to represent.

Takashima Hokkai

He was born in Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture.( At that time it was called the Choshu clan.)
He worked for the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce-forest stations and until 1886 - 1888,
he was studying to Nancy forest high school of France.
He introduced the Japanese plants and Japanese paintings to interact with Nancy of people.
He became a painter in the 53 year old.
He painted the people landscape and flowers.
Pictures painted by him had been backed by knowledge of water conservancy, forest and geology.
He is also the first Japanese climbed the Alps.



Paris Roman
Color, Luster, Shine of Art Deco

In this exhibition, we will introduce.
@ Tiffany and Daum of lamps, glass of Lalique,
And Foujita Tsuguharu of (Léonard Foujita) "La Rivière enchantée" (copper engraving)
Other than I will exhibit about 120 works.


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