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œ@Notice of closing@œ

Since opening in 1993,
Izu Glass Crafts Museum welcomed our customers,
but we will be closed on May 13, 2018.

Thank you for your continued patronage for 25 years.
Thank you very much again.

Start date of change: From February 1, 2018 , we will close every Wednesday.
¦ New Year's holidays, Golden week are open seven days a week.

INFORMATION:We are open during to 5/13.
The regular holiday is 4/18, 4/25, 5/9.

The museum will open until May 13.

We are sorry indeed but
after May 14, we cannot accept customers.

[ Opened Oct.3.1997n

@ by Galle "Carp patterned vase"(Glass)


@Izu glass and craft museumfs concept is enjoying culture while feeling nature.

 We opened May 1st 1993,together with gArt Festival of Izu Kogenh.

 The museum was designed by Kenji Shigeoka, artist knowned world wide.

 Art works displayed are collection of Mr. Tsutomu Katayama.

Main art works are European glass art during Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

 We introduce the gunexpected connection between the East and Westh, displaying ceramics, prints, and dresses, during the same period.

 We change the display twice a year.

  Other than the display, there are work shops, museum shop, café, overlooking the ocean.

Museum of gKnowing, Making, and Enjoying! h

IZU GLASS and CRAFT MUSEUM opened May 1st 1993Cas the first step of the  enterprisegOmurokogenDVillage of culturehto create an ideal village which urge people who come to the Museum to relaxCbring about an impressionCand@recover spiritually.@Omurokogen is developing as the foremost land of Izu as the place of  resortD

@We exhibit Western glass works from the period of Art Nouveau and Art Deco as the@main art worksDWe select about 300 works from the several thousand works which are storedD

@Woodcut printCpicturesCpaintingsCbronzeCceramics and dresses from the same@period are also introducedDPlease have a wonderful time as you are surrounded by the works which emits a brilliant lightD

You are from Sept.10.1997 788599Customer.
Last renewal . April. 14, 2018

*To customers with pets.*@@@@@@


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