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 Details of the past from Opening of the Museum

1993 May 1. Izu Glass and Craft Museum opens
  May 18. Attain 10 thousand customers (18th day)
1994 Jan 15. Attain 100 thousand customers (260th day)
  April 28. Shop Biyoukan opens
  May Member of Shizuoka association of museums
1995 Jan 16. Attain 300 thousand customers (555th day)
May 18. Member of Japanese association of museums
  June Member of the Japanese council of Art museums
  Aug 3. Attain 500 thousand customers (28th month)
  Aug 8. As an institution proper to a museum appointed Shizuoka-ken educational committee.
1997 Feb. Sale of original music box CD
  March Mexican glass artist demonstrates for 3 months at the museum.
  May. 2 Attain 1 million customers (4th year 2nd day)
  May Sales original goods “Izu vidro”
1998 April 18. First lady Yelstin and the first lady Hashimoto visit the museum.
  Sept-Dec Participate in Museum Passport. (Continue 1999)
1999 Oct 4 Attain 1 million 500 thousand customers (6th year 5th month)
2003 July 9. Attain 2 million customers (10th year 2nd month)
2013 Feb 11. Attain 3 million customers (20th year 9th month)

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