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Only one in the world!
Original presents and accessories can be made simple.

Accessories and glassware can be made by heating the glass up to 700℃ and melting together.
Originality is plus by adjusting the color and shape of the glass and how much you want to melt.
We melt the glass by using a small pot called art box and the microwave oven.


Art box

We put this pot inside the microwave and the glass will melt.


Example of menu




Let’s try Fusing!!

1. Choosing the menu.

2. Choosing the combination of your favorite glass.

3. Place on top with a little bit of glue.

4. Staff will melt according with the hardness you choose.

5. After cooling down, we make it into an accessory or an ornament.

6. Finish.


General menu…1,500yen〜

 ・Brooch・Cuffs・Ring・Tack pin・Hat pin・Key holder・Necklace・Ornament・Earrings can be made.

 ・.Additional fees cost to make into an accessories and ornament.

 Creating time 20min.〜

・It takes one hour and 30min to hard the work in order for the glass to cool down to a room temperature.

・We can deliver for a person in a hurry with 600yen.
Sorry, international shipping is we do not do.

・There is also the case that can not be accepted, depending on the season.

Creating fees may change without notice.

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